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Partner Perks

Level Choose from Total Rewards
Perks Level 1
  • $250 Marketing Credit
  • VIP Business Service (Pre-paid Postage)
  • Branding Design Services (Logo)
  • Membership to Lifehappens.org


Perks Level 2
  • $500 Additional Marketing Credit
  • Website Creation
  • 1,000 Lead Mailers
  • Branding Design Services (Logo, Letterhead, Business Cards, etc)
  • One-on-One Lead Mailers


Perks Level 3
  • $750 Additional Marketing Credit
  • Branding Design Services with Printing
  • Educational Workshop Co-op
  • Advanced Website Creation


Perks Level 4
  • $1,000 Additional Marketing Credit
  • Deluxe Website Creation
  • Leads: 2,000 Mailers or Co-op of appointment setting lead service
  • Educational Workshop Co-op


Perks Level 5 Call 800.931.0138 and speak with our Sales Department for details on Level V and above. You have endless opportunities as your production increases personalized just for you.

Endless Opportunities!

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Dollar figures for levels are based on paid annuity and single premium life occuring in the 2020 calendar year. Universal life, Index Universal life and Asset-based Life will be credited at a rate based on target premium. Call for details.

Products not included in this program: Term life, Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA), Deferred Immediate Annuity (DIA) and Multi-Year Guarantee (MYG) annuities. Also, Allianz Preferred products, Forethought Elite series and issue ages 86+ will be excluded. Qualified funds could be excluded based on carriers policy on incentives.

You must be actively contracted with our marketing organization at GA level and hold an active appointment with the qualifying carrier(s) to be eligible for rewards and carry no outstanding debits. This program cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or incentive program. Due to carrier regulations, you must be able to provide business receipts upon request to show proof of expenses. This program runs on a 12 month calendar year. No exceptions. We can alter, amend, modify or terminate this program at any time. Cases must be submitted through our office to count towards Partner Perks. If Partner Perk rewards have been paid out within 12 months then no release will be granted on those carrier(s) that were used to qualify for the rewards.*The lead program & Concierge Seminar Service is offered through strategic alliance vendors.