Sales Tools

Annuity Approaches

Need conversation starters for engaging talks with your clients on annuities?

Sometimes all that is required is the correct language to get the conversation started. Here's some suggestions that will help the client to connect emotionally with their own long-term goals, and to connect to you.


  • "Have you ever had a retirement income check-up?"
  • "Could you afford to retire tomorrow? If not, when? How much would you need?"
  • "What concerns do you have about income during retirement?"

Lifetime Income:

  • "Are you concerned about having enough income to last throughout your retirement?"
  • "What is most important to your retirement - income you can't outlive or growth of your retirement savings?"
  • "Have you made arrangements for lifetime income during your retirement years?"
  • "Some people could live for a very long time and risk outliving their retirement income. Would you like to know more about an income you cannot outlive?"


  • "Are you happy with the rate of return you are getting on your savings at the bank?"
  • "How satisfied are you with the performance of your retirement savings?"
  • "How would you like to increase your retirement savings without setting aside more?"
  • "Do you really believe that the bank is the only place where you can safely accumulate money?"
  • "Are you maximizing contributions and deferrals with your current retirement plan?"


  • "Do you prefer to pay yourself or Uncle Sam first?"
  • "If I could show you how to utilize tax deferral on a portion of your retirement savings, would you be interested?"
  • "When do you want to stop paying taxes on the gains from your retirement savings?"
  • "Do you realize there is an insurance product that offers tax-deferred interest accumulation?"
  • "Are you interested in possibly reducing your current taxes?"
  • "Would you like to see how to get tax-deferral in your non IRA retirement savings?"
  • "A SPDA offers you the power of tax-deferred compound interest: you earn interest on the premium, interest on interest on the previously credited interest and interest on the money that you would have paid in taxes."